Proposal 2


Dan Auluk
Dan’s arts and curatorial practice attempts to destabilize the original, to explore and uncover new narratives and exit points, to raise questions through authenticity and authorship.

Ofelia Carmen
Ofelia is a writer, filmmaker and artist who is interested in responding to everyday situations. More recently she is interested in responding to exhibition making and exhibitions by critically reviewing these as a starting point to create new visual responses.

Jamie Cox
Jamie Cox is a digital photographer living in Birmingham. He is interested in landscape and portraiture focusing on capturing a fixed moment in time.

“My work is reflecting movement, and memories that pass us by every second of the day.”

Oscar Cass-Darweish
Digital practitioner, exploring a curatorial role facilitating innovative methods of presentation across real and virtual spaces. In recent projects, systems for artists to exhibit and document works have been put in to practice and further developed through collaboration.

Simon Hope
As a child of the 1960s Simon is interested in that period as a spawning ground of contemporary popular culture. How technology engenders mass media, how play in childhood develops the creative faculties in later life and how these processes reveal themselves in open and closed contexts.

Using photography, digital image manipulation, model making and found items he aims to explore the boundaries between what we know and what we think we know. Questioning motives behind our need to both mythologise and seek the outer edges of the physically knowable.

Paul Langford
Paul’s practice orbits the natural world and the human condition, the effect each has on the other is both fascinating and an inspiration to him.
“This current project, originally rooted in the MAC allotment event, affords me an opportunity to express many personal views and ideas on the valuable interaction between mankind and nature in a world of overrated pleasures and underrated treasures.”

Nita Newman
Nita Newman’s practice investigates visible and invisible lines of communication that direct our movement through both real and virtual time and space. Within this framework she examines the gap between the physicality of travelling versus the armchair explorer; questioning the relationships between people in their relative locations that are bridged by so many communicative devices transporting our voice, thoughts and the idea of the metaphysical self over vast distances; transcending border lines, distance and time.
Nita’s interests lie in the perceived notion of our mental and physical positioning in the world in relation to other people and places in an ever increasingly digitised world.
Nita is a Birmingham based artist whose practice involves conversation, listening, absorbing, observing and responding to the world as she sees it using various methods from sound installation, video, sculpture and paint.

Paul Newman
Paul’s practice is an exploration of an internalised world through painting, performative installation and photography. The importance of gesture, surface and the habitual intimacy of the studio space has seen trimmings and debris from that environment increasingly creep into the work itself. Conscious not to throw away the residue from the painting process, Paul places equal importance upon it, merging it with his painting installations.
Paul’s work references a specific type of artist’s studio and the mannerisms, privacy and behaviour associated with it. The habitual nature of this environment is also connected with the organisation, and clutter of a domestic living space. Recent developments have seen the imaginary landscape and figurative elements of Paul’s work tempered with references to the practical elements of his working studio and domestic environment.

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